A faster site means better search engine rankings and more engaged users. More engaged users stay on your site longer and convert more. PeakHour automatically enhances your website in several ways to dramatically improve the load time of your site.

Content optimisation

Content Optimisation

You may be familiar with Google Pagespeed for analyzing your site for performance issues. Any recommendation they provide, from gzipping and minifying content to optimising images, deferring javascript loading, combining files, can be carried out automatically by PeakHour.

Expires Headers

Expires headers

Gain fine control of expires headers for your website assets. Instead of having to manually configure response headers on your webserver, peakhour allows you to set expires headers regardless of your origin server. This can dramatically speed up secondary requests to your website and reduce server load.



Your website will automatically support the latest HTTP protocol even if your origin server doesn't. HTTP/2 has a number of performance enhancements including push and framing that can speed up your site.



Apart from being a requirement for HTTP/2, Google favours websites that use HTTPS in its rankings, Peakhour can provide you with a free SSL certificate from Letsencrypt and install it on your website automatically. If you already have your own certificate we can also use that.

Everytime a browser visits a website using SSL it must 'handshake' to ensure that the certificate is from a trusted source before it will download a page. Peakhour optimises this handshake saving you time. Peakhour also ensures that only secure SSL ciphers are used regardless of your origin host configuration

Automatic CDN

Automatic CDN

Traditional CDN providers require you to upload your resources to their servers separately and to also modify your source. Peakhour's CDN transparently starts caching your static website resources, eg images, stylesheet, javascript and serving them from our global network. This means your clients see a big performance benefit and your webservers can take it easy. You have full control over what gets cached and when it gets purged.

The second big feature of our CDN is the ability to cache dynamic pages. For websites that use a CMS like wordpress and has pages that don't change very often this can provide a massive boost to the speed of your site.

Automatic CDN

Anycast DNS

By using Peakhour as your DNS provider you get the benefits of anycast DNS


Peakhour automatically defends your website from a wide range of threats, protecting your business and users.


WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Peakhour uses best of breed rulesets from Atomic and Trustwave to block Bots and malicious attacks on your website.



As part of a Peakhour plan we can automatically install an SSL certificate on your website and redirect all traffic over HTTPS. We also make sure that your site only uses modern ciphers to protect yours and your client's data.

IP Blocklist

IP Reputation blocklisting

Peakhour subscribes to industry standard IP reputation lists to protect your site from malicious attacks. You can also easily block individual ips, ranges, or even countries through our admin.


Increase your uptime and responsiveness


DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service

Peakhour provides several layers of protection against DDOS attacks on your site.


Reduced origin load

By serving the majority of requests from Peakhour's Edge you can dramatically reduce load on your origin server.


Multi origin support

If you have multiple origin servers Peakhour can transparently use the closest to the end user and failover if one is unavailable.