Rate Limiting

Protect your server resources by defining global, and fine grained, rate limits

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Rate Limiting helps protect against layer 7 denial of service attacks, brute force account takeovers, and resource intensive services subject to abusive behaviour.

Why Rate Limit

Rate limiting allows you to set thresholds for sensitive parts of your website. For example, allow only two attempts to login every 5 minutes.

Protect your APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are easy to abuse through automated access. Stop API abuse and ensure availability by setting granular rate limits.

Stop Layer 7 attacks

Denial of service attacks have evolved and have become targeted as infrastructure and services have become more resilient. Attacks now target the application layer (Layer 7), and can crash a site with minimal effort. Stop abuse of your search forms, and resource intensive functions by rate limiting.

Brute Force Protection

Account takeover attacks attempt to guess as many passwords as they can on your log in form. Help prevent these sort of attacks by limiting the number of attempts.

Protect ROI

Prevent costs associated with traffic spikes or attacks on auto-scaling resources by restricting access to resources.

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