Our wordpress plugin seamlessly integrates your website workflow with the Peakhour service. Once set up, editing posts and pages will automatically flush the relevant content in our global CDN. The plugin is smart enough to pick up associated pages to the one you are editing and allows manual flushing if necessary.



Click Here to download the latest version (v0.3) of the plugin.


  1. For absolute caution take a backup of your wordpress installation.
  2. generate API Key:
    1. log in to your peakhour account, and then click on "API Keys" in the left menu.
    2. enter the domain name as the API Key name and click create. (note The key will actually work for any domain in the account.)
  3. Install wordpress plugin:
    1. Log in to your wordpress admin
    2. Click on the Plugins link in the left menu
    3. Click on the Add New button button next to the heading
    4. Click on the Upload Plugin button next to the heading.
    5. Choose the peakhour.zip file downloaded from this page
    6. Click on the activate link
    7. Click on the 'Peakhour.io' link now in the left hand menu
    8. Take the generated API key from 2.2 and enter into the Peakhour API key field
    9. Enter the name of the domain in your account that we are linking to, as entered in peakhour
    10. Click on Save Changes
    11. Click the 'test connection' button that will now appear on the page.

Restoring original client IP

Since Peakhour is a reverse proxy the IP address of a request will appear to be coming from Peakhour. If you are using any Wordpress plugins that rely on the original IP, eg for blocking access, then you can restore the client IP by:

  1. Go to your wordpress installation root via ftp/ssh or using your preferred client and then go into the /wp-content directory.
  2. Create a new directory (if you don't already have it) called mu-plugins
  3. Copy the restore-remote-addr.php file from the Peakhour plugin installation directory (/wp-content/plugins/peakhour/) to this new directory.