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Website Speed Matters

Faster Websites Make More Money

You may think your website speed is fine, however even very small differences in page load times can have big impacts on your bottom line.

  • Deloitte's 'Milliseconds make millions' report found that just a 0.1s improvement in mobile site speed resulted in a 8.4% increase in retail conversions.
  • The BBC lost 10% of users for every extra second their site took to load.
  • Google found If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load up to 50% of your visitors might leave.

Faster Websites Rank Higher In Google

Google and other search engines prioritise websites that are faster, and more secure over others. Boosting the speed of your website has been shown to improve your organic search results and lower your online advertising costs.

Check your Website Speed against your competitors.

We Can Help

Peakhour's “CDN+™” Service

Content Delivery Network (CDN) + Content Optimisation + Integrated Security + Simple Setup & Pricing

Peakhour's CDN+™ service enables any organisation, of any scale, to project the same presence and deliver the same customer experience as the world’s largest companies online. Amaze and delight your customers and grow your business worldwide with Peakhour.

Simple Service Activation

All you need to do is action a simple DNS change and we will start optimising content, caching assets, securing from attackers, and serving your site on our global network. No Uploads or URL Changes are required on your website.

Peakhour Servers
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Next level performance

Automatically optimise images and website content before caching and distributing on our global network. Even cache dynamic content to supercharge your load performance and cut server load.

Peace of mind with Enterprise Security.

Malicious traffic (bad bots and cyber attacks) is increasing year on year and can severely impact website performance. Our enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF) stops all kinds of bad actors attacking your website. Our sophisticated Bot Management platform prevents price scraping, account takeovers, card stuffing and more.

Cloud WAF

“We have been amazed and delighted with both the service provided and results delivered by Peakhour, and would recommend them to anyone running an online business”

Luke Matthews, GM IT operations & E-Commerce Kitchenwarehouse.com.au

“Our entire business runs through our website, so website security, performance and reliability is absolutely vital. We have trusted Peakhour since 2014 to deliver us clean pipes, fast performance and high reliability online.”

Evan Tait-Styles, CTO, Legalvision.com.au

“Site speed had been quite a concern for us for sometime, and we have been very happy with the improvements made thus far. Their support does such a great job, I’ve been really happy with their thoroughness and attention to our account.”

Bridgette Skehan, Owner, SavvySupporter.com.au

“Getting started with Peakhour was trivial and the end result has been fantastic. If I said, put your website behind Peakhour and your sales will go up 50%, I wouldn't be exaggerating much.”

Giles Donovan, Owner, Quadbikeking.com.au

“I really appreciated the personal attention and assistance with the Peakhour setup. This platform, along with the recommendations has allowed us to greatly improve the speed of our website and impressed our executive stakeholders.”

Shawn Powrie Marketing Manager, GroupHomes.com.au

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