A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects websites from attacks, such as sql injection, XSS, CSRF, protocol violations as well as application specific vulnerabilities. Our enterprise WAF sits on the EDGE between the internet and your server stopping attacks before they reach you.

The Peakhour advantage

Industry leading rulesets

Choose rulesets from OWASP, Trustwave and Atomic, easily customise sets to remove specific rules to stop false positives for your application.

Industry standard blocklists

Apply industry leading block lists to automatically stop requests from IPs with bad reputations, stop forum spammers, bots, active attackers, tor users and more. Manage your own whitelist/blacklist, control access from individual IPs, subnets or even whole countries.

High performance

Our WAF is integrated into our CDN/Optimisation platform meaning there are no external calls and all checks are done in process resulting in less than 5ms latency to requests with instant global propagation of changes.

Rate Limiting

Specify limits on page views from individuals within a specified frame before blocking them. Perfect for stopping crawlers ori brute force attacks on log in pages before they get to your site.

Application virtual patching

Customise the WAF with application specific software, eg Magento, Wordpress to enable virtual patching. This means your site is protected against the latest threats even if you aren't up to date.

Warn mode

Run the WAF in warn only mode to generate events but not actually block end users, this allows you to train the WAF to reduce false positives.

Full visibility

Full logs of events triggered by the WAF with full request headers and matching rules.

Full funtionality on all plans

Get all features on our cheapest plans.

Peakhour’s cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.

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