Cloud Web Application Firewall

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Cloud Web Application Firewall

Peakhour's WAF protects your site from malicious attacks. Stop attackers on our edgep platform before they have a chance to reach your server. Built on industry leading rulesets OWASP, Trustwave and Atomic you are protected against injection, XSS, CSRF, protocol violations as well as application specific vulnerabilities, eg Wordpress, Magento, Drupal etc. Rules can be customised and deployed instantly via our UI or API, run in blocking or warn modes and have full access to all events.

TLS Encryption

Peakhour automatically issues a modern SSL Certificate free from Lets Encrypt as soon as you update your DNS to point to us. Terminate the SSL connection with us to save CPU on your origin server or enable end to end encryption. Automatically restrict clients to secure modern ciphers, or choose your own configuration and quickly enforce a HSTS policy. If you want to use your own certificate that's ok as well, simply upload it at no extra cost.

Block Lists

Apply industry leading block lists to automatically stop requests from IPs with bad reputations, stop forum spammers, bots, active attackers, tor users and more. Manage your own whitelist/blacklist, control access from individual IPs, subnets or even whole countries.

Rate Limiting

Specify limits on page views from individuals within a specified frame before blocking them. Perfect for stopping crawlers or brute force attacks on log in pages before they get to your site.

Highly Configurable, Built for Speed

Use powerful page rules to customise any or all settings for sections of your site or even individual urls. Our security features add less than 5ms latency to requests and changes are propagated instantly through our global network.

Peakhour’s cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.