Cyber Crime today is a bigger business than the global drugs trade. If you are running an online business, it is absolutely essential that you protect your business, and your customers, from malware, ransomware, credit card fraud, data theft and many other forms of online crime.

CDN+ protects you and your customers

Every customer of Peakhour gains protection and peace of mind from our full CDN+ security feature set.

Cloud WAF

Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Peakhour’s Cloud Web Application Firewall features include: leading rulesets from OWASP, Trustwave, and Atomic; industry-standard IP Blocklists to prevent traffic from known bad sources, forum spammers, bots; configurable rate-limiting; application virtual patching; warn mode to generate events but not actually block end-users; the ability to create custom rules; and full, exportable, event logs.

Bot Management

Peakhour's Bot Management solution uses a combination of automated techniques, blocklists, machine learning, and log visibility to keep organisations ahead in the BOT arms race. Protect your site by blocking many kinds of malicious traffic including price/content scrapers, DDoS attacks, credential, and credit card stuffing, forum and account spamming, inventory denial, and more.

Free Dedicated SSL/TLS

Peakhour offers free, dedicated SSL certificates that you can use to encrypt all traffic to and from your website. Enabling you to keep online transactions safe, increase site trust, enable speed improvements via HTTP/2, and improve your search rankings as a result. In addition, Peakhour also provides customers many further options including “bring your own” certificate, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), automatic HTTPS redirection, and multiple SSL modes.

DDoS Protection

Protect your website from distributed denial of service attacks on our high capacity, global Edge network. Combined with an enterprise web application firewall, class leading Bot Management, real time logs, and anomaly reporting, Peakhour gives you the tools to effectively respond to attacks and keep your website online.

Peakhour's cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.

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