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With an Australian focus, transparent resource caching with just a dns change

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Traditional CDNs require you to upload assets separately to their servers and update all the urls in your site to reference their service. Peakhour works transparently, meaning once you point your domain to us we'll start caching and serving your assets on our global network.

What makes us different

Transparent Operation

No need to perform separate uploads or change urls, our global cdn just works.

Australian Focus

As an Australian based service, all our plans include Australian data centres.

Instant Global Purge

Instantly invalidate cached resources via our website or via our API.

Custom Cache Tags

Store custom cache tags with cached resources to easily integrate the latest enterprise software, like Magento 2 or Drupal 8.

Custom Cache Keys

Create custom cache keys to vary cached content based on header values.

Advanced Configuration

Options like ignore vary headers, ignore invalidate, ignore query string, cache full query string, ignore origin cache headers, set browser TTL and edge TTL and so much more!

Extremely Flexible

Set up edge rules to set up different options for urls or groups of urls.

Always Up

Serve cached content even when your origin server is down. Don't lose crucial Google ranking with an extended outage.

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