Peakhour Cloudflare Fastly
Free Lets Encrypt certificate or bring your own.
  • $5 USD a month cloudflare issued
  • Bring your own on $200 USD plan and above
$100 a month for Fastly issued, POA for bring your own
HTTPS Rewrites
Via Header

Web application firewall (WAF)
Inline WAF
OWASP Top 10
Pro Plan and above

Price on Application
Virtual Patching
Pro Plan and above, Cloudflare rules

Price on Application
Known attacker blocklists
Bot blocklist
Customer IP Blocklist
Limited by plan
Bot Management Add on using third party
Global Anycast DNS
Australian Datacentres
Business plan and above
Tiered caching Coming soon
Teir 1 caching with add on Argo Smart Routing

Origin Shielding
Origin connection pooling
Load balancing/Multi Origin
Enable Load balancing
Starts at $5 a month for 2 origins

Price on application
Round Robin balancing
Sticky balancing
Geographic balancing
$10 a month
Global CDN
Automatic static content caching
Serve Stale
Instant Cache Purge
Custom Cache Tag Enterprise plan only
Purge all
Purge regex
Bypass Cache on Cookie Business plan or higher
Edge Server Includes (ESI) Enterprise plan only
Asynchonous javascript loading
Automatic image compression Pro plan and above Possible by rewriting image urls in VCL,
Automatic image resizing Pro plan and above
Automatic format conversion Possible by rewriting image urls in VCL
Automatic WebP for supported browsers Possible by rewriting image urls in VCL
Image manipulation via API Starts on business plan Price on application
Html Minification
CSS Minification
JS Minification
Critical CSS Insertion
DNS Preconnect innsertion
HTTP2 Push