Peakhour is an intelligent Reverse Proxy running on a global ANYCast network. We sit in between between client's browsing your site and your web server, intelligently optimising and caching your website content on our EDGE network as well as protecting you from malicious attacks.

Your website WITHOUT Peakhour

When a client of your website types your website domain into their browser and hits return your browser sends off a DNS request (Domain Name System) to find out the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the server that hosts your website. A good metaphor is looking up a phone number in the phone book when trying to call someone. Once the IP address is returned the browser can contact your server to request the information it needs.

Your website without Peakhour
Your website with Peakhour

Your website WITH Peakhour

When you use Peakhour our IP address is listed in DNS for your website. This will result in all requests coming to us so we can act as your personal assistant, handling all incoming requests and only getting your server involved if we need to.

Global Anycast Network

However, you don't get just one personal assistant, you get assistants around the world, each handling incoming requests from their local region. If one steps away for a break (goes offline) then the request automatically goes to the next closest one.

Peakhour Servers
Request pipeline


When we handle a request we do several things:

  1. Make sure all requests are secure; (SSL/TLS)
  2. Block unwanted automated traffic; (Bot management)
  3. Block hackers and malicious requests; (Cloud WAF)
  4. Serve the request from our cache if possible; (CDN/Dynamic Content Caching)
  5. Make sure that the response is as small and fast as possible; (Content optimisation/Image Optimisation)

Always Improving

Like any great assistant, the longer we work together, the better we get at providing best-in-class service. This leads to more engaged and higher converting clients from faster page load times; protection from hackers, bad bots, denial of service attacks; and higher ROI on your current servers which will be able to handle many more customers.

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