Peakhour is an intelligent Reverse Proxy running on a global ANYCast network. We sit inbetween between your client and your web server, intelligently optimising and caching your website content on our EDGE network as well as protecting you from malicious attacks. If that all sounds too technical then there is our...

The phone analogy

Your website without Peakhour

When a client of your website types your website domain into their browser and hits return your browser sends off a DNS request (Domain Name System) to find out the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the server that hosts your website. This process is analogous to looking up a phone number in the phone book. Once the phone number is returned then the browser calls that number (sends a request) and asks you (your server) on the other end for the information that it wants.

With Peakhour

When you use Peakhour you are effectively listing our phone number in the phone book when someone does a DNS request for your website. All requests (phone calls) come to us and we act as your personal assistant, taking all incoming calls and only getting you (your server) involved if we need to.

Using Peakhour doesn't just get you one personal assistant, you get dozens around the world each handling incoming calls from their local region. If one steps away for a break (goes offline) then the call automatically goes to the next closest one.

Why is this a good thing?

When we answer a call we do several things:

  1. Make sure all phone calls are on a secure line; (SSL/TLS)
  2. Automatically hang up on automated machine dialers; (Bot management)
  3. Screen calls to stop unwanted hawkers and time wasters getting through to you (Cloud WAF)
  4. Check to see if we already know the answer to the caller's request, if we don't we'll call you and remember what you said for next time (CDN/Dynamic Content Caching)
  5. Look at the information we're giving back and see if we can word it better (Content optimisation/Image Optimisation)

Like any good personal assistant the longer we work the better we get, and the more we learn and the less you have to do.

  1. Happier, more engaged, and higher converting clients from faster page load times
  2. Protection from hackers, content stealers, denial of service
  3. Higher ROI on your current servers which will be able to handle many more customers