Caching dynamic content that has to be generated by your server for every request can supercharge your site. Cut seconds off page load times and dramatically reduce load on your server so it can focus on important things, like processing payments.

Supercharged performance

Simple setup

Use page rules to cache the specific content you want and for how long, control time to live on the edge and in the browser.

Supercharge load times

CMS systems like Magento and Wordpress generate pages on every request often taking seconds just to start responding. Cut server response times to just a few milliseconds.

Improve conversions

Research shows again and again that faster load times results in higher conversions

Rank higher

Faster websites rank better in search engines. Caching dynamic pages reduces time to first byte, a major signal for SEO

Handle more visitors

With your server suddenly freed up from generating and serving the majority of content it will experience a dramatic reduction in load, allowing it to service many more users.

CMS integrations

We have plugins for Wordpress, Magento 1 and Magento 2 with more to come. These plugins notify us when a page has been changed making page caching seamless and invisible to the website owner.

Peakhour’s cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.

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