It can be daunting and expensive to overhaul your website for technical performance and search engine optimisation (SEO). Let us worry about optimising your site so can focus on what matters most – your audience and your customers.

Here's a sample of what we can do


Remove whitespace and comments from html, css and javascript files to reduce transfer sizes.


Reduce file transfer sizes with gzip and Brotli dramatically improving page load times and reducing bandwidth

Javascript and CSS bundling

Combine separate files into one to minimise connections from older browsers


Serve content over the latest protocol by default even though your origin doesn't support it. HTTP/2 can often dramatically improve load times on its own.

Image Optimisation

Recompress and re-encode images to dramatically reduce downloads, serve WebP images if client browser supports it. Resize images if they are larger than the displayed dimensions.


Get a free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt automatically installed and renewed on your domain. Optionally force all traffic over https and automatically fix mixed content issues.

DNS Prefetch

Instruct the browser to pre-resolve connections to resources on third party domains mininmising delays.

Progressive Images

Use an inline low quality image as a placeholder until the full image loads.

Cache extensions

'Sign' the url of static resources with a hash to extend browser cache lifetimes. This is similar to cache busting with a query parameter on the resource but better!

Inline javascript/css

Move small javascript/css files into the main HTML document. This reduces the number of requests and can improve the time taken to display content, especially in older browsers

Inline critical css

Inline the actual styles used by a page (usually only 1-5% of a stylesheet) eliminating a blocking resource and speeding up rendering of the page.

Lazyload images

Load images only when they appear on the screen.

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