Getting started

Q. How does Peakhour actually work? Q. How do I test the speed of my site? Q. How do I change my DNS to use Peakhour? Q. What can I do to improve my site speed myself?

Trouble shooting

Q. How do I verify traffic is going through Peakhour? Q. How do I verify something is being cached by Peakhour? Q. How do I restore original visitor IPs to my logs? Q. How do I diagnose my site loading slowly behind Peakhour? Q. How do I flush resources from the Peakhour Cache?


Q. What payment methods do you accept? Q. How do you define a page view for billing? Q. What happens if I go over my page view limit in a given month? Q. What happens when I upgrade/downgrade? Q. What is your refund policy? Q. How do I cancel my Peakhour service?