Checking the peakhour-id header

The easiest way to check is to use curl on the command line. On Mac/linux Open up a terminal, on Windows open the Start menu, type cmd in the search box, and press Enter. Then type in:

curl -svo /dev/null

this will retrieve the headers for a request, in the list of returned headers should be one with the name:


if this is not present then Peakhour is not currently accelerating your website. There are two things to check from here:

  1. That the domain is not in pass through mode in your site's ssl settings, if it is in passthrough make sure you change it to be enabled.
  2. That your DNS has been changed and propagated, see below.

Checking DNS is changed

DIG your domain name and check that the returned IP address/CNAMe is the one provided by Peakhour in your sign up instructions. If you are using a Mac/Linux based computer open up a terminal and type in:


If you are using windows or are uncomfortable using the command line you can use the google toolbox, choose an A record to dig against as that will work for CNAMEs as well.

If your DIG returns Peakhour IPs and the peakhour header isn't present and your domain isn't in passthrough mode then contact us