To get Peakhour working on your site you need to update your domain's DNS (Domain Name System). Think of DNS like a phone book, your domain has a listing that people who want to reach your site look in for a phone number. By updating your DNS you will be putting in Peakhour's phone number so people call us when trying to reach your website.

To update your DNS you need to contact your existing domain provider. This is usually the company that you registered your domain through. If you don't know who your current DNS provider is you can check by doing a WHOIS lookup for your domain name. There are a number of whois services, just do a google search. The whois lookup will reveal the nameservers, from there you can work out who your provider is.

Once you know the provider you need to log in to their admin and update the DNS according to the instructions provided when signing up. Each provider has their own admin process for changing DNS, here are a list of the help pages for some popular providers:

If you're having trouble working out who your provider is then contact us and we'll be able to help.

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