Malicious bot traffic is an ever evolving threat that can steal your content, steal user credentials, post spam or bring your server to its knees. Peakhour uses a combination of automated techniques, blocklists, machine learning and log visibility to keep you ahead in the bots arms race.

The threat from bots

Price/Content Scraping

If you are a successful ecommerce business then its likely your pricing is being scraped by your competitors so they can gain a competitive advantage. Your valuable content may be repurposed and reposted devaluing your brand and hurting your SEO.


Distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) flood your site with requests, slowing down or even crashing your site denying access to legitimate customers.

Credential Stuffing

Bots can attempt to use login details from other sites or simply try brute force guessing attacks against your customer/admin accounts, which if successful, will expose sensitive information and give control of accounts to the attacker.

Inventory Denial

Unscrupulous Competitors can gain an unfair advantage by getting bots to visit your site and adding items to their cart, potentially denying your legitimate users from purchasing them

Credit card stuffing

If you have an easily accessible payment form then bots can try out credit cards to see which ones are accepted. This can expose you to chargebacks and put your ability to process payments at risk.

Forum/Account Spam

Bots can quickly pollute your comments/review section or sign up for fake accounts hurting your brand and business.

Why mange bots using Peakhour

Get Protected in minutes

It takes just a DNS change to start routing traffic through Peakhour and stop blocking bad bots.

Shared Intelligence

Threats against one client are automatically shared with all Peakhour clients.

Automatic Whitelists

Good bot like search engine crawlers are waved through to your site.

Always learning

Machine learning, behavioural analysis, and request signals are constantly refined and added to, constantly improving defences to keep track with an ever evolving enemy.

Decrease server load and improve ROI

By blocking bad traffic you are reducing load on your servers making them more responsive to your real customers.

Integrated security and performance

Bot management is provided as part of our Cloud WAF platform which is fully integrated with our performance and CDN features.

Flexibility (coming soon)

Beyond the automated system you can build custom firewall rules and access lists for your entire site or just single urls.

Visibility (coming soon)

Gain a complete view of the traffic visiting your site. Easily filter and query and build custom reports to gain deep insights.

Peakhour’s cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.

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