The Challenge

Group Homes were revamping their marketing strategy and were trying to reconcile their need for an attractive site with specific third party integrations and having it perform as fast as possible.

Marketing manager Shawn Powrie approached Peakhour to audit the Group Homes website, and to see what difference our service could make above the optimising/caching Wordpress plugin they were already using. Shawn was also interested in Peakhour's Cloud WAF to protect Wordpress from attacks at the edge.

Our approach

Our team conducted a thorough review of the Group Homes website and provided several key recommendations that their marketing team could action to improve performance. These included removing unnecessary third party libraries, changing javascript animations, moving font css for earlier discovery by the browser, and removing slow loading services like Google Recaptcha.

The Group Homes team installed the Peakhour Wordpress plugin to seamlessly integrate with the Peakhour performance and security service.

Key outcomes

Group Homes were the slowest loading site out of its direct competitors to being the fastest.


Improvement to page load time


Reduction in page size


Fastest loading amongst its competitors

What the customer says

“I really appreciated the personal attention and assistance with the Peakhour setup. This platform, along with the recommendations has allowed us to greatly improve the speed of our website and impressed our executive stakeholders.”

Shawn Powrie

Marketing Manager, Group Homes

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