The Challenge

Kitchen Warehouse faced mounting performance and scaling issues with an aging e-commerce platform, even before COVID hit. Their Netsuite platform is hosted in Seattle and website page load times were around 10 seconds, an unacceptable experience for users across Australia.

They first tried Cloudflare's CDN service, and were able to get page load times down to around 7 seconds. However, they knew they needed to do more, or the business would really suffer. The CEO took ownership of the matter, as it was critical to the business. The referral he received from an existing Peakhour customer was so strong, he knew he had to explore the solution ASAP.

Our approach

Peakhour analysed the Kitchenwarehouse website in detail to identify caching and optimisation opportunities. Under Peakhour's guidance the mini cart and account menu functions were changed to utilise Ajax and cookies. Unboxed, a third party search function, was also 'mounted' by Peakhour onto the domain, providing massive SEO gains, as content previously ignored by Google as 'off domain' was now indexable. Virtually all website content outside of the checkout was now cacheable by the Peakhour service, massively boosting site speed.

Key outcomes

After previously suffering from debilitating performance during busy periods, Kitchenwarehouse effortlessly handled a tripling of traffic during COVID without any drop in performance.


Improvement in load times


Increase in revenue Year on Year


Of all traffic served from cache


Traffic Saved


Drop in Server Load

The Peakhour Solution According to Kitchenwarehouse


Speed was our main aim initially, and Adam from Peakhour was amazingly helpful in getting us the result we needed. The results we’ve achieved with Peakhour directly reflect the care and attention he took to understand our environment, technical & business challenges, and our performance goals.

Peakhour helped us optimise our website, shrinking page content and accelerating the delivery from Seattle to Australia. Page speed shot right down and is now around 3 seconds or less - a 70% improvement. Customers are happy and this has definitely helped boost our search result ranking.

When COVID hit in April 2020, we had an immediate spike in traffic as everyone was locked down and all business went 100% online. We’d never seen anything like it before - monthly pageviews around 4 - 4.5 6 million and orders up around 150% year on year - every month was bigger than Christmas, or Black Friday. This has continued all throughout 2020.

Service & Support

Peakhour's solution, gave us so much more value than what we achieved with Cloudflare. The solution was precisely tailored to our needs, delivering better performance, custom integration support, and detailed reporting.

Adam's willingness to support us at critical times - like midnight service cutovers, in real time, was very reassuring. It really felt like a partnership working with Peakhour.

Security & Bot Management

On top of this they have given us a boost in Cyber Security - not only preventing many hacking attempts, blocking BOTs and DDoS attacks, they’ve also given us much greater visibility in this area, which helps us with troubleshooting, vulnerability management, user experience, and more.

Peakhour helps us block malicious scraping by BOTS, which stops their theft of our pricing data, and slowing down our platform. Now, the people who see our site are those we want to see it.

Cost Savings & Other Business Benefits

Without Peakhour, I doubt that our old e-Commerce platform would have been able to support this level of business. With 85%+ of website hits served from the cache, Peakhour has reduced our server load by nearly 90% and removed over 1.5TB of traffic from our infrastructure.

We have definitely saved significant money by deferring a migration to new e-commerce infrastructure, thanks to Peakhour. Our IT team is now free to focus on other projects.

What the customer says

“We have been amazed and delighted with both the service provided and results delivered by Peakhour, and would recommend them to anyone running an online business.”

Luke Matthews

GM IT Operations & E-Commerce,

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