The Challenge

Savvy Supporter approached us to solve performance issues with their Magento 2 store. Their store was struggling with an increase in users despite using Cloudflare as a CDN. With the busiest time of year happening in just two weeks time they needed a solution, fast.

Our approach

We developed our Magento 2 plugin while simultaneously adding cache tags to our service, this enabled Peakhour to act as a built in caching provider to Magento 2. Our support assisted the Savvy development team to iron out issues caused by third party plugins, and also found solutions for Magento's default slow loading gallery and Paypal integration.

After going live, Peakhour regularly monitored web traffic and identified several further site improvements to reduce server load, and improve page load times.

Key outcomes

Savvy Supporter has effortlessly scaled its online operations, doubling normal traffic and effortlessly handling triple the previous peak traffic, and most importantly sales, without any drop in performance.


Improvement in load times


Improvement in time to first byte


Peak Sales

What the customer says

“Site speed had been quite a concern for us for sometime, and we have been very happy with the improvements made thus far. Their support does such a great job, I’ve been really happy with their thoroughness and attention to our account.”

Bridgette Skehan

Owner, Savvy Supporter

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