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Edge computing is an evolving paradigm focused on bringing data processing closer to the location where it is needed, which is often the end-user's device, like a computer or phone. While traditional cloud computing systems rely on centralized data centers to process and store data, edge computing takes a more decentralized approach. It leverages various edge nodes like servers located nearer to users, and even users' own devices, for quicker data processing and delivery.

Edge vs Cloud/Centralised processing

Traditional cloud computing has been revolutionary for website and web application hosting, providing scalable, on-demand resources. However, this centralized model has its shortcomings, such as latency and bandwidth usage, especially as users are distributed globally and as real-time interactions on web applications become more prevalent.

Benefits of Edge Computing

  1. Reduced Latency: Edge computing reduces latency by processing data closer to the end-user, reducing the time it takes for data to travel back and forth between servers.
  2. Bandwidth Optimization: Transmitting high volumes of data to and from centralized data centers consumes significant bandwidth. Edge computing eases this burden by carrying out as much processing as possible near the data source or consumer.
  3. Enhanced Reliability: With data processed closer to users, edge computing can offer more reliable performance, unaffected by issues that might plague distant data centers, such as regional outages.
  4. Security Improvements: Edge computing can offer more granular control over data, which could be advantageous for compliance with regional data protection laws.

Types of Edge Computing

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Extensions

CDNs already bring static resources closer to the user. Integrating edge computing capabilities can allow even complex, dynamic data to be processed nearer to the end-user.

Serverless Computing at the Edge

Functions or containers can be deployed directly on edge nodes, allowing for highly responsive serverless architectures that execute code closer to the user, enhancing performance.

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