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Peakhour is already pretty simple to use, we can start accelerating and securing a website with just a DNS change. However, one of the biggest wins for increasing site speed is caching dynamic pages, also known as Full Page Caching.

A typical Wordpress page doesn't change very often, a comment might be added or content tweaked, but for the vast majority of requests it's a waste for the server to regenerate the page every time. If you're looking for a solution that works on your existing host then there are a number of caching and optimising plugins that will write static html versions of your dynamic pages, reducing the amount of work your web server has to perform.

Peakhour takes this to the next level and serves the static version of the page from our global ANYCast network, Sit visitors will download the content from a geographically close server meaning less latency and even faster downloads. It further minimises the work your web server has to do, since all the work is happening on our EDGE network rather than on your server.

Peakhour is also a transparent CDN, which means we cache and optimise static assets, eg css, js, images with only a DNS change, no other change to your site is necessary to make this happen.

During our beta phase we've had a number of clients using early versions of our Wordpress plugin with great success. The plugin integrates with Peakhour's API to automate flushing of content when edits are made within the Wordpress admin, this greatly simplifies the publishing lifecycle.

By automating flushes our clients can set long time to lives on their dynamic content within our global cache. This results in faster download times, higher cache hit rate and lower origin load. A win win for everyone! Check out the plugin in the Wordpress directory Here and start accelerating your site on a free 14 day trial.

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