Boost Your Website Speed with Peakhour's Full Page Caching


Boost Your Website Speed with Peakhour's Full Page Caching

Why Full Page Caching Matters

Speed is crucial for a website's performance and user experience. Slow load times can lead to high bounce rates and lost revenue. Full Page Caching significantly boosts your website's speed by storing and serving static versions of dynamic pages. This reduces the load on your server and offers quicker page loads for your visitors.

How Peakhour Optimises Your Site

Peakhour makes it easy to speed up and secure your website with just a DNS change. Unlike basic caching solutions, Peakhour serves these static pages from its global ANYCast networknetwork. This means your site's visitors download content from a server close to them, reducing latency and speeding up downloads.

Peakhour's Transparent CDN

In addition to Full Page Caching, Peakhour also acts as a transparent CDN. It caches and optimise static assets like CSS, JavaScript, and images. You don't need to make any other changes to your site; a simple DNS change is all it takes.

Wordpress Plugin for Easy Integration

During our beta phase, many clients successfully used early versions of our WordPress plugin. This plugin integrates with Peakhour's API to automate content flushing when you make edits in the WordPress admin panel. This simplifies the publishing process and allows you to set longer lifetimes for your dynamic content in our global cache.

Improved Performance Metrics

By using Peakhour, you'll experience faster download times, a higher cache hit rate, and reduced load on your origin server. It's a win-win situation for both site owners and visitors.

Get Started Now

Ready to experience these benefits? Check out our WordPress plugin and start your free 14-day trial to accelerate your website today.

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