Peakhour's global Anycast network is built to absorb DDoS attacks. We provide the visibility, and tools, to mitigate the impact of a distributed denial of service attack on your website.

The right tools to protect your site

Global distributed network

Our high capacity Anycast network filters attacks where they originate, providing Layer 3 and 4 protection.


Realtime logs and anomaly detection give you immediate insights into when and where Layer 7 attacks are happening

Flexibility and Agility to respond in seconds

Deploy IP/IP Range/Geo blocks/Rate Limits/Custom WAF rules in seconds to respond to a Layer 7 attack.

Integrated Bot Management and WAF

Our integrated Bot Management and Web Application Firewall can automatically mitigate certain Layer 7 attacks before they even happen.

Access to security experts

Our team of experts can help analyse attacks and craft appropriate responses.

Dynamic Content Caching

Utilise our extremely flexible caching options to remove the burden of a Layer 7 attack from your server.

Peakhour's cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.

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