Load Balancing

Scale and grow with different balancing strategies

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Peakhour's enterprise level multi origin/load balancing features can increase website reliability, lower latency and lower cost of ownership.

The Peakhour Advantage

Simple Setup

In minutes you can setup your pools and routing strategies in one simple interface and easily add/remove origins or pools as your needs change.

Increased Reliability

Remove single points of failure and automatically route traffic away from unhealthy origins with no downtime.

Reduce Costs

Reduce capital expenditure by removing the need for dedicated load balancers, either physical or virtual.

Health Monitoring

Configure multiple health checks to actively monitor your origins and take them out of a pool if unhealthy.

Multi Cloud Support

Seamlessly use Peakhour's load balancing features with different cloud providers avoiding vendor lock in.

Infinite Scale

No restrictions on the number of origin servers that you can have.

Geographic Origin Selection

Send traffic from Europe to your Europe based server and your Australian traffic to your Australian server.

Global & Local Load Balancing

Configure multiple pools and load balance within a single data centre or across the globe.

Multiple Balancing Strategies

Choose between round robin balancing or sticky to ensure a given client IP keeps going to the same origin.

Improved Performance

Reduce latency by placing servers geographically closer to your clients.

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