All websites should use HTTPS to build trust in your site, secure your client's data, boost performance, and improve search rankings. Peakhour makes it easy utilising a dedicated certificate from Lets Encrypt on your site, automatically.

Want makes us different

Free, fully managed ssl certificate

Automatic installation and renewal of free certificates for your domain. If you bring your own certificate we'll remind you when its due for renewal.

Dedicated certificate

Get a dedicated certificate, other providers may use a shared certificate for your domain. A shared certificate can have dozens of unrelated websites on it lowering trust in your site. A dedicated certificate is just for your website.

Bring your own certificate free of charge

If you already have your own SSL certificate then don't pay extra $$$ just to use your own SSL. Our service is compatible with EV (extended validation) certificates if you want to go for an extra level of trust.

Advanced configuration

Choose different levels of cipher profiles if you have to support old clients.


Enabling HSTS forces clients to connect to your site using secure connections for every request. Setting up HSTS within Peakhour is as easy as a click of a button.

Rank higher

Google uses HTTPS as a ranking signal, preferring sites that have it and penalising those that don't. Some browsers will mark your website as insecure if you are not utilizing HTTPS lowering trust in your site.

Load faster

The HTTP/2 protocol requires SSL. Most sites will be faster simply by using HTTP2.

Enforce latest protocols

Don't let insecure clients connect to your site.

Automatically redirect to Https

Setup a redirect to permanently redirect users to the secure version of the page.

Multiple SSL modes

All traffic between your client and Peakhour will be encrypted, however from Peakhour to your origin server you can choose to be unencrypted if your origin doesn't support ssl.

Peakhour’s cheapest plan will give you a faster and secure website that improves rankings and brings more loyal users to you.

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