Peakhour allows you to:

  • use a DNS name, such as an ELB hostname as an origin
  • load balance requests to origins
  • define origin error handling
  • to select a different origin based on a URL
  • select origin servers based on the visitors geographic location

DNS based origin selection

Under site-settings, under origin server, enter in your Origin server's DNS name. Peakhour will resolve and use any found IP addresses as the Origin server address. The TTL of the origin server will also be honoured.

In the event of DNS failure Peakhour will use the last known origin server IPs.

Origin load balancing

Peakhour will load balance between multiple origin servers. We support

  • round robin
  • client address

For client address load balancing requests will be routed based on a hash of the client IP address. This will achieve basic session persistence between clients and servers. Cookie based load balancing is not supported at this time.

Origin load balancing is configured in the 'Multi Origin' section in your dashboard.

Origin error handling

When multiple origins are configured for your domain, we can stop routing requests to miss behaving origins. We support marking an origin based on error counts for the following errors:

  • Connection refused
  • Connection reset
  • Server 5xx error
  • Response timeouts

If a connection error is received from an origin an attempt is made to process requests at another origin. An origin is marked as down for a configurable period of time at which point it will be retried.

URL based origin server selection

Peakhour will allow you to route origin servers based on the URL of the request. To configure this first define an origin pool with a user configurable name, then use that pool name in the url configuration.