Overriding URL behaviour

Peakhour CDN is a unique and innovative solution for website acceleration and optimization. It offers advanced features for controlling the communication between the origin server and the CDN network, providing greater control over the caching behavior and minimizing origin requests. This results in improved website performance and a seamless user experience.

Overriding URL handling can be used to customise your Peakhour settings for different sections of your site. For example you might want to customise CDN caching options for your checkout process, or pagespeed optimisation. Rules are ordered with the first matching rule being executed. Some of the configuration options that you may want to override on a per url basis include:

  • Force cache: By default, the CDN uses a set of rules to determine whether a requested file is cacheable or not. This depends on the query string, file type, and headers coming back from the origin header. However, you can tell Peakhour to just cache an asset by enabling the forche cache option.
  • Skip Cookie: With this option, you can specify a series of cookies that your application sets on a client. Peakhour will always serve fresh content if these cookies are set, bypassing the cached asset and fetching it from the origin for the request. This is particularly useful for serving dynamic content to logged-in users.
  • Query Args: You can remove provided query arguments when considering cached resources, which can be used to strip UTM arguments, for example.
  • Serve Stale: If the origin is unavailable, Peakhour can continue to serve stale cached resources, keeping your website up and running even in the face of outages or server failures.
  • Normalise User-Agent for Vary: The CDN normalizes the user agent to device type, such as browser or mobile, which helps to flatten cached responses and improve performance.
  • Implicit TTL: If there are no cache headers in an origin response, the CDN uses a specified number as the TTL (Time to Live) for the cached object.
  • Require Cache-Control for Caching: To allow caching, the origin response must have the cache-control header.
  • Strip Cookies on Store: The CDN strips any Set-Cookies headers sent by the origin when saving a response in the cache, improving security and privacy.

These are just some of the features offered by Peakhour CDN, and they demonstrate the level of control and customization that the solution provides. Whether you're looking to improve website performance, optimize caching behavior, or ensure that your website remains available even in the face of outages, Peakhour CDN has you covered.

Peakhour CDN is an excellent solution for website acceleration and optimization. With its advanced features for controlling communication between the origin server and the CDN network, you can ensure that your website performs at its best and provides a seamless user experience.