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Rate Limit Response

Rate Limit Response#

The rate limit response phase is used to add rate limit zones to the current request. The request must still be checked against the specified zone in the Rate Limit Request phase.


  • rate_limit.add_zone - Adds a rate limit zone to the current request.


The following fields are available in the Rate Limit Response phase:

  • Request fields - Request fields such as the host header, request method, user-agent, and IP source.
  • Geoip fields - Geolocation fields such as the AS number and country code.
  • User agent fields - Information about the client's user agent such as type, software, and whether it is a mobile or bot device.
  • Bot fields - Information about bot clients such as verification status and type.
  • Fingerprint ML fields - The results of machine learning based fingerprinting for the current request.