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Allowlist IP addresses

Why add Peakhour's IP addresses to your allow list?#

Your website is hosted on a server and is protected by a firewall, which is designed to keep unauthorised access away. However, when you use a reverse proxy service like Peakhour, your website will receive visits only from the IP addresses of the proxy, and not directly from the end client.

In rare cases, your firewall or hosting provider may block access from these IP addresses, which can result in your website becoming inaccessible. To prevent this, it is important to whitelist the IP addresses of the reverse proxy service. This ensures that the firewall or hosting provider recognizes these IP addresses as authorised and allows access to your website.

Technical details#

Peakhour operates as a reverse proxy, meaning it sits between your website and your end clients. Once you have pointed your domain to Peakhour, all visits to your website will come from our IP addresses. Allowlisting these IP addresses in your firewall or hosting provider's configuration ensures that access to your website is not blocked.

Current Peakhour IP addresses#

It is important to regularly check this list for updates, as we may add or remove IP addresses over time to ensure optimal performance and security.

Peakhour connecting IPs: