The Site Settings section is for a number of high level configuration options.


Websocket is a specialised protocol that allows for two way, ongoing communication between the client browser and the server. If your application is using it then you will know whether you need this or not. Otherwise it is best to leave off.


Enabling GZIP will mean that appropriate content will be compressed before sending to the client. This will result in very significant bandwidth savings. Only turn off if you have special legacy clients that cannot support it.

Real User Monitoring

Peakhour adds a small bit of javascript to your page to gather analytics. This enables us to calculate real page load times etc.

Origin IP

This is the IP address of your webserver where your website is hosted. If you ever change hosting providers you will have to let us know by updating this field. If you change it to something incorrect then your website will not load.

Host aliases

Configure a list of host names that your domain also responds to. Typically this would just be but in case you have others and they are pointed to Peakhour then you should enter them here.

Notification Emails

Enter one or more email addresses to receive notifications for your configured alerts and weekly summaries. If you don't enter anything here we will use your account email.