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Purge logs

Purging is an important aspect of managing content delivery on the CDN. It allows you to remove outdated or incorrect cached content and replace it with updated content. Peakhour provides detailed information about each purge you perform, including the type of purge, resources purged, and analytics, to help you monitor and optimize your content delivery.

Purge Logs#

The Purge Logs section of the Peakhour dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all purges performed on your CDN. Here, you can view the date and time of each purge and the type of purge performed (full site, single resource, or cache tag).

Purge Analytics#

The Purge Analytics section of the Peakhour dashboard provides detailed information about the resources and the purges performed, which can be useful when diagnosing performance issues or third party site purge integration.

Why are Purge Logs and Analytics Important?#

Purge Logs and Analytics are important because they provide you with detailed information about the performance of your CDN. By monitoring your purges, you can ensure that your content is up-to-date and that your CDN is functioning optimally. Additionally, the analytics can help you identify potential issues, such as high cache miss rates or low cache hit rates, so that you can take steps to improve the performance of your CDN.

The Purge Logs and Analytics feature in Peakhour provides valuable insights into the performance of your CDN and helps you optimize your content delivery.