Origin pools

In Peakhour, an origin pool is a group of origin servers that can be referenced in Edge Rules to route requests. By creating origin pools, you can improve the availability of your website or application by routing requests to multiple origin servers.

The default pool in Peakhour consists of the default origins for your site, but you can also create additional origin pools to accommodate your specific needs. For example, you can create a pool of US-based origin servers to reduce latency for US-based traffic.

Peakhour provides several options for origin selection, which allows you to tailor the routing of requests to your specific needs. These options include:

  • DNS-Based Origin Selection
  • URL-Based Origin Server Selection
  • Origin Load Balancing
  • Origin Error Handling
  • Origin shielding

Creating and managing origin pools in Peakhour is simple and straightforward. You can add new origin pools, view your configured pools, and easily make changes to your origin server configurations as needed.

In conclusion, origin pools in Peakhour provide a powerful way to manage the routing of requests to your origin servers, improving the availability of your website or application. Whether you have one origin server or many, Peakhour can help you manage your web traffic and ensure high availability for your users.