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Bot management

Bot management is an important aspect of web traffic management. Automated requests, also known as bots, can account for a significant portion of a website's traffic and can put a strain on your infrastructure and impact the performance of your website.

Peakhour offers an advanced bot management engine to help you identify and control automated requests to your website. With Peakhour, you can manage and secure access to your site and api enpoints.

Bot Validation#

Peakhour can classify requests as originating from an automated source or a human source. You can select specific bots to verify and control how Peakhour should handle them. You can choose to allow or block specific bots based on your needs.

Automation Protection#

Peakhour provides a robust automation protection feature to help protect your website from malicious bots and automated attacks. This feature can help prevent brute force login attempts, content scraping, and other types of malicious activity.

With the bot management engine in Peakhour, you can ensure that your website is protected from malicious bots while still allowing legitimate traffic to access your site. Whether you're managing a small website or a large web application, Peakhour can help you maintain the performance and security of your online presence.