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Rate Limit Request

Rate Limit Request#

In this phase, rate limiting is applied to requests that have passed through previous phases. The late rate limit helps to control and regulate the request rate from clients. If a client exceeds the allowed request rate for a defined zone, further processing of that request is stopped.


  • rate_limit.add_zone - Adds a rate limit zone to the current request.
  • rate_limit.check_zone - Checks if the current request is within the rate limit for the defined zone.


The following fields are available in the Rate Limit Request phase:

  • Request fields - Request fields such as the host header, request method, user-agent, and IP source.
  • Geoip fields - Geolocation fields such as the AS number and country code.
  • User agent fields - Information about the client's user agent such as type, software, and whether it is a mobile or bot device.
  • Bot fields - Information about bot clients such as verification status and type.
  • Fingerprint ML fields - The results of machine learning based fingerprinting for the current request.