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First steps

Setting up#

  1. Sign up

    This is as simple as entering your domain name and your email address, we will scan your website's DNS to detect the origin IP and set your Peakhour service up.

  2. Review initial options

    Confirm that your website's origin IP is correct and choose whether you want us to optimise your site and protect it using our security features

  3. Setup SSL

    We will initially pass through any SSL requests directly to your origin server using SSL in pass through mode. This is to ensure that your site will work when you point your website to us. Once you point to us we will automatically install a LetsEncrypt certificate for your domain and terminate SSL at our edge. If you already have your own SSL certificate you can choose to upload it at this stage.

  4. Point your domain to Peakhour

    You are now ready to point your domain to Peakhour. Once this is done and DNS is propagated Peakhour will be optimising and securing your site.

Configuring your server for Peakhour (optional)#

  1. Preserving visitor IP addresses in your server access logs
  2. Allow Peakhour IP addresses
  3. Install our plugin for popular CMS and shopfronts