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Pointing your domain

For Peakhour to begin accelerating and securing your website, you must first update your zone with your current DNS provider to route requests through our service. This does not change where our website is hosted

Before you begin#

IMPORTANT Before you change your zone, make a copy of your current records so you can revert if you decide to discontinue your Peakhour service.. The IP address that the root record is currently pointing to is your origin server. You need this if you ever migrate away from Peakhour.

Finding your current DNS provider#

Usually your DNS is provided by your web host. If you are not sure you can check your current nameservers at

If the nameservers still aren't enough to tell you who your provider is then contact us and we can help identify them.

Pointing your zone#

When you sign up you will be assigned a CNAME record which you must use when pointing your domain. This record will be in the format:

  1. Changing the www record.

    You must point your www record as a CNAME to, use a short TTL, we recommend 300 (5 minutes).

  2. Changing the root record

    WARNING Cpanel often sets up records like, as a CNAME pointing to your root domain. Before changing your root record check the CNAME records in your zone, if they point to then change the offending record to be an A record and point it directly to the current IP address on your root record.

    NOTE A record on the root of your domain commonly uses a "@" symbol when viewing in your zone manger.

    If your DNS supports CNAME records on the root domain record (eg CNAME Flattening, ANAME records etc) then you can also point your root record to, again use a TTL of 300.

    Otherwise point your root record as an A Record to, using a TTL of 300.

  3. Delete/disable any AAAA records for root and www

    Peakhour does not currently advertise IPv6 records so you have to disable/delete any current records that you have.

NOTE if you do not use www for your website you must still point/create the www record for Peakhour to work properly. We also strongly recommend considering using www for all web traffic, it is much more flexible as your site grows, and without it your site is much more vulnerable to denial of service (DDOS) attacks. If you need convincing have a read of this blog post.

How to update Zone records with different providers#

Here are the instruction pages on how to update DNS records for various providers: