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Leverage Peakhour's log forwarding to enhance your security monitoring and analytics#

Peakhour, a powerful cloud security solution, offers a range of log forwarding capabilities to help organizations monitor their applications' security events and analyse them for actionable insights. With Peakhour's log forwarding, you can easily send logs to various destinations, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, or HTTP endpoints, enabling seamless integration with popular security monitoring and analytics tools.

Amazon S3 Log Forwarding#

Peakhour allows you to forward your logs directly to an Amazon S3 bucket. By using this capability, you can store your logs in a cost-effective and scalable manner, enabling long-term log retention and analysis. With Amazon S3's robust features and integrations, you can easily incorporate Peakhour event logs into your existing security analytics pipeline.

Azure Blob Storage Log Forwarding#

For organizations using Azure services, Peakhour supports event log forwarding to Azure Blob Storage. This option provides an efficient way to store and manage your security logs, while leveraging Azure's native security monitoring and analytics capabilities, such as Azure Sentinel.

Azure Monitor Log Forwarding#

Peakhour also supports log forwarding to Azure Monitor, allowing you to integrate your security logs seamlessly with Microsoft's comprehensive monitoring and analytics solution. By forwarding Peakhour event logs to Azure Monitor, you can take advantage of Azure's native services, such as Log Analytics and Azure Sentinel, to gain deeper insights into your applications' security events.

  • Collect, store, and analyse log data from various sources, including Peakhour event logs
  • Create custom queries and visualizations to better understand your security events
  • Set up alerts and automated responses to specific security incidents
  • Integrate with Azure Sentinel for advanced threat detection and response capabilities

By incorporating Peakhour event logs into Azure Monitor, you can build a more robust security monitoring and analytics solution tailored to your organization's needs and infrastructure.

HTTP Endpoint Log Forwarding#

Peakhour also allows you to send your event logs to custom HTTP endpoints, offering flexibility in integrating with other security tools and platforms. This feature enables you to utilise your preferred log management and analysis solutions, tailoring your security monitoring to your organization's unique needs.


Peakhour's event log forwarding capabilities provide a versatile and effective way to enhance your security monitoring and analytics. By leveraging these features, you can easily integrate Peakhour event logs with your preferred security tools and platforms, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your applications' security events and enabling swift response to potential threats.