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Contacting support

Contacting Peakhour Support#

Guidelines for contacting Peakhour support#

Peakhour Support can perform configuration or account changes on a customer's behalf if instructed.

Before notifying Peakhour of an issue with your site, refer to the Peakhour Status Page at If reporting issues with your site, ensure to provide adequate details in the support ticket (refer to Getting help with an issue for more information).

Methods of contacting Peakhour support#

As a Peakhour customer, you can contact Peakhour for support via webchat, support ticket, or phone. Peakhour will also provide standard support via the customer's team chat, Slack, etc. if requested.

Support Method Per Site Agency Enterprise Mission Critical
Support Ticket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Phone or Emergency Phone Callback No No Yes Yes
Team Chat (Slack, Teams, Meet, etc) No No Yes Yes


Getting help with an issue#

To submit a support ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the email and password for your Peakhour account.
  3. If the resources on the support site did not solve your issue, submit a ticket.
  4. Enter a detailed summary of the issue you're experiencing.
  5. Complete the ticket submission fields as completely as possible with the following information. (Please note that missing information will increase the time it takes to resolve your issue and our team may not be able to investigate without enough information.)
    • A detailed description of the issue with the following information:
      • Timestamp (UTC)
      • Problem frequency
      • Steps to reproduce the issue, with actual results vs expected results
      • Peakhour-ID for example requests
    • Any necessary information for a technical investigation
      • A description of the actual results vs expected results
      • Steps to reproduce the issue, with example URLs
      • Exact error messages
      • Screenshots
      • Relevant logs from the origin web server
    • Priority level, impact to service / production
    • Any collaborators whom you wish to be cc'd on the ticket
  6. Click Submit Ticket

Accepted file formats in tickets and chats#

You can upload the following file types in a ticket or a chat:


  • png, jpg, gif


  • txt, csv, json

The maximum file size is 20 MB. If you need to share a larger file, please provide a link to the file using Google Drive or a similar sharing platform of your choice.

View open support tickets#

  1. Log in to your Peakhour account at

Live chat support#

You can also use the live chat to ask specific questions:

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the email and password for your Peakhour account.
  3. Click the Help icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  4. The Live Chat screen will appear.
  5. Start typing your message to chat with a Technical Support Engineer.

Service Level Agreements#

How we prioritise your issue#

Peakhour Support prioritises the issues based on their severity and impact on your service. The priority levels, from highest to lowest, are as follows:

  1. P1 - Critical issues causing significant disruption or service unavailability
  2. P2 - High importance issues with measurable impact on your service
  3. P3 - Medium importance issues or minor impacts that do not significantly affect your service
  4. P4 - Low importance issues, general questions, or queries with no immediate impact on your service

Peakhour Support strives to respond to our customers as quickly as possible. Urgent issues (site down, under attack) are prioritised for the quickest response possible. Please explicitly specify the priority level and impact to your production service when reaching out to Peakhour support.

Below are definitions of the priority levels Peakhour assigns to tickets and the associated Service Level Agreement (SLA). Whenever possible, responses are provided quicker than the noted SLAs.

Priority Definition Examples
P1 Service is significantly impaired and unavailable. Site outage issues or an ongoing attack.
P2 Repeated inability to use the Service. Performance issues impacting service. These issues may be with a single website or server.
P3 Issues that may impact service performance or user experience but do not prevent service usage; account-related queries. Minor performance issues, information requests, or usage questions.
P4 General questions related to Peakhour's products and services.


SLA Response Times#

Issue Severity Business Hours Response Time After Hours Response Time
P1 Issue Less than 1 hour Less than 2 hours
P2 Issue Less than 2 hours Less than 4 hours
P3 Issue Less than 24 hours Next Business Day
P4 Issue Less than 48 hours Next Business Day

Phone support is available 24/7 for urgent P1 issues. For all other issues, online support is accessible around the clock.

The maximum cumulative Service Credits Peakhour will award a Client in the previous 12 Months is 1 Month of the Client's total Fees. Service Credits will be applied as an account credit against subsequent invoices. If the Agreement terminates, any unapplied Service Credits will also terminate.

Peakhour Contact Information#

Support Email and Phone#


Phone: +61 1800 319 549


Dashboard & Chat:

Service Status: