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Peakhour.IO is a CDN, bot mitigation, WAF, image optimization and transformation service that allows you to specify rules to override default behavior. These rules can be specified in the wirefilter format and are processed at different stages of the request lifetime.

Phases of Rule Processing#

Peakhour.IO supports several phases of rule processing, each of which consists of a list of rules that are executed in a specific order. The following phases are currently supported in Peakhour.IO:

Wirefilter-Based Rule Language#

The filter rule language used in Peakhour.IO is based on wirefilter and provides a range of boolean operators, functions, fields, and lists that can be used to specify rules.

Using IP Lists in Rules#

When evaluating expressions, you can use the in operator to determine if an IP address field value is contained within a specific IP list. This can be useful in the firewall phase to allow or deny access based on the IP address. IP lists are defined in the virtual host configuration and can be shared across all rules within that virtual host.